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Occupational stress was declared a global epidemic by the United Nations International Labor Organization, as health care costs have gone through the roof from stress related illnesses. Providers are encouraging companies to create wellness programs, as statistics show that for every dollar a company spends on wellness, they save anywhere between $1 and $3 in health care costs.

I see people walk in to class stressed and tight throughout their entire body. They leave feeling peaceful yet energized and it brings them back for more. Yoga is not only physically challenging...it is mentally rewarding. It allows people to disconnect from their projects and responsibilities and come back feeling rejuvenated.

I have been practicing and studying the philosophy of yoga for 8 years, which allowed me to stay balanced and focused as a professional working in the corporate environment. My practice kept me motivated and positive even in the midst of challenge and stressful situations. I teach my classes with the beginner in mind, but personalize for challenge and growth.



- Strengthens, tones & lengthens muscles
- Increases Flexibility
- Promotes cardio and circulatory health
- Brings mental clarity and sharpens concentration
- Boosts Self-Confidence
- Enhances Awareness

- Happier and healthier employees
- Less absenteeism
- Lower health care cost
- Less worker compensation claims
- Increase in productivity
- More harmonious environment
- More energy and motivation to perform

Where  I come to you
When   Once a week for 8 weeks
Length   1 hour class
Time  Before, during, or after work
Cost  $80 /person, 8 wk session

If you want to build a repertoire with other like-minded individuals and practice in an environment that builds on the energy of the collective whole, group classes are the way to go. There is power in numbers and when you get a group of people together in a room practicing yoga, you can't help but feel rejuvenated when you leave. The energy that accumulates in a room full of yoga students is intoxicating and will awaken your senses leaving you relaxed, but energized. You also will not have the stress of traffic or have to pay premoium studio rates.
School Teachers
Convention & Meeting Planners
More Energy
The challenges of the day and the accumulation of demands set by the curriculum and the student's needs deplete the overall energy of those who teach as a profession. Yoga allows teachers to 'check out' and come back feeling rejuvenated, which enables them to give more of themselves.
Reduce Stress
There are constant distractions and external stimuli that put a lot of stress on the body. Yoga can reduce stress through breathing exercises and feeling more into the physical body. Breathing can actually calm the central nervous system and slow the heart rate, which help the body release stress.
Boost Immune System
We live in a world where germs are easily passed from one person to another. Teachers are especially susceptible to getting sick, as they come in contact with so many students. Yoga improves the overall health of a person so they are better equipped to ward off germs that would typically turn into colds and other infections.
Disengage from Self-Defeating Thoughts
People are their own worst enemy when it comes to criticism and judgments. We live in a society where we are judged by what type of job we have, what kind of car or home we own, and what kind of clothes we wear. We spend our lives trying to be more -or own more- thinking more will bring us happiness. Yoga clears the head and gets you out of the self-defeating mind and in to the body where the present moment unfolds into a positive sense of self.
Unify the Team
The stress of office environments and the every day demands placed upon people to perform often alienate employees. They don't have the time nor the energy to connect. Yoga before, during or after a session can bring individuals together as a collective whole. The experience of bringing everyone in to the present moment, through breathing exercises and moving mindfully through a sequence of poses, has the ability to bring the team back together.
Disconnect and Reenergize
Too often people get overwhelmed with the amount of time they spend sitting in seminars or the amount of information supplied by the lecturer. Over stimulating the mind can be exhausting! Yoga after a long day of information can be soothing to the mind. It can clear the head and renew the body. It will ease the transition from the day's activities to the evening's engagements.

If you are just starting out, do not feel comfortable practicing amongst strangers, need special attention, or would like some personal one-on-one attention while you learn the poses, you might want to consider taking some private lessons. You also might want to consider a private session if you are more advanced and would like to deepen your practice.

The class will be tailored to meet your needs and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.